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Wow, has it been some time since I last blogged. I took off for what I thought would be a three month maternity leave after our second son, Grayson, was born and when it was time for me to return  (being that I set my own maternity leave length) I was just not ready to. I have spent the last 12+ months savoring and enjoying every little second of my family and quickly growing boys. During my time away from Dulce I have still thrown quite a few events and even done a few dessert buffets…but mainly I have just spent the majority of my time being mom!

Whenever you start a company or a service, your main question should always be “does it fill a need?”  When I started Dulce Designs, the need being filled was selfishly mine.  When I was getting married in 2009, there really was no personality in favors or wedding experiences.  So my first event for Dulce Designs was my wedding!  An elaborate candy buffet that told the story of our love, our lives, and who we were as a couple.  Is that possible with Swedish Fish and Raisinets?  Maybe not for everybody.  But for my husband and I, we tied the cute sayings and color schemes with our treasured memories that littered our road to the alter.

It’s been almost 7 years since that beautiful day in September and more chapters to the story have been written along the way.  Our first home was a lesson in adulthood.  We had a miracle son in 2012.  We were blessed with a second last year.  As we’ve gone from a young couple to a beautiful family, so too does Dulce Designs evolve from an event planning service to a lifestyle share.  There is a joy we see in looking back at our wedding photos.  There is joy in each first step, first word, and first tooth.  There is also a joy in family movie nights, ice cream runs, and beach vacations.   We invite you to see this joy as well by joining our new journey with The Joy in Jolley.

What does this mean for Dulce Designs?! Well, I will still be taking the occasional event and periodically posting updates here on the blog and on our Facebook page but for the most part I am transitioning into other areas, The Joy in Jolley allows me to do just that by dabbling a bit in online event planning, interior design, my experiences as a boy mom,  Cincinnati favorites and much more.

Thank you everyone that has been a part of this journey thus far as a client, vendor, and friend.  I cannot wait to see where this new road will take us.

The Joy in Jolley


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