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Bring on the Sun

or at least more of the color yellow! I really love the combination of soft colors with strong brights in this season’s Pantone Spring 2014 top 10 color report…what I really love best is that yellow (freesia on the report) is listed as a favorite color! Yellow has always been my go to color whether […]

Midnight snack

Midnight Snack

One of my new favorite trends right now with weddings are midnight snacks that the bride and grooms are offering their guests. After a night of dancing and celebrating this is the perfect send off for your guests. For Cincinnati weddings it would be cute to give away Skyline chili dogs. I also like the […]

Dulce Designs

National Popcorn Day

is this Saturday January 19th, who knew this day existed?! I had no clue and it just so happens we have booked our very first ALL popcorn buffet on this very day…how fun is that?! I found this below information courtesy of, National Popcorn Day It’s National Popcorn Day! Americans eat about 16 billion […]

Rustic candy apples

Apple Desserts and Trends

Something about this time of year makes me think of and crave apples! Growing up my grandma would make me the most amazing apple crisp that she paired with vanilla ice cream…the combination was nothing short of amazing. I still request the apple crisp from my grandma quite often and even in her old age […]

Button Seating Chart

It’s All About Buttons…

Because bride’s and planners today are so very creative and continue to think outside the box with planning and decor, the idea of using buttons in weddings and events has been born and we LOVE it! I feel it gives the wedding that unique, vintagy theme that allows it to stand out from the everyday […]

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