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Super Bowl Chaos

I remember when Super Bowls for me meant enjoying a beer with my husband/friends, making a variety of yummy appetizers and eagerly awaiting the half time show…last night I did watch the Super Bowl but I was also making homemade play dough for my son’s preschool, eating a Digiorno pizza and dvr’ing the half time […]

Local Cincinnati Craft Brews

When I think of March I think of St. Patrick’s Day, warmer weather and basketball…all of which are better enjoyed with an ice cold beer. Therefore, when I think of March I also think of beer! There is no better person to talk beer with than my husband, Adam…he has transformed me from a bud […]

Chocolate and Chick-lit

Before I start my new weekly posts there are two things I must admit- 1) I am biased when it comes to candy and tend to choose chewy or sour candy over chocolate 2) My favorite authors are Emily Giffin and Sophie Kinsella and I compare a lot of my books to these, since in […]

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