From the owner, Angela Jolley:

Angela JolleyHello hello,
My name is Angela Jolley and I am the owner and designer for Dulce Designs. Growing up as a child and even now as an adult, I have always had the biggest love for anything sweet. As I was planning my own wedding, I wanted to incorporate my love for candy and desserts.  After talking with dozens of favor and dessert providers, I decided to design my own candy buffet for all my guests to enjoy.  My passion for design and addiction to sweets was the perfect combination needed to plan a stellar dessert table.

After years of building a successful candy buffet company, I’m offering the supplies I use, DIY kits, as well as tips, tricks, and shortcuts to you to help make your life sparkle!

Along with my love for all things sugar related I am also a proud momma and wife. I have a strong desire to always marry comfort with style and my home, wardrobe, and lifestyle reflect just that.


About Dulce Designs

In the Dulce Designs logo, you’ll notice three almond shapes- a yellow one, a red one and a blue one. The colors represent our three primary customers; bridal, residential and corporate.

Do you know what the almonds represent?
Almonds coated in sugar are one of the oldest candies out of Europe. There’s a tradition there where small bags of almonds in groups of three are given out on happy occasions, like weddings, baptisms and showers. Each almond represents something important; happiness, health and prosperity. And the general shape they take reminds us of the happy growth that comes out of the events Dulce Designs is a part of–a happy, beautiful relationship continues to grow after a wedding, children continue to grow after birthdays, and companies continue to grow and prosper after important anniversaries. We just love what we do.


Jolley family


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