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This is the eBook that lays it all out. Download to learn all the ins and outs to the perfect DIY Candy Buffet.

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  • Kid crafts to Fall in love with!

    It is getting cold and dark so early these days and while this is my favorite time of the year, I think my son would disagree! He loves to be outside playing in the dirt or chasing our beagles in the back yard…I know colder weather is just around the corner and I am preparing […]

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  • Halloween Treats, No Tricks!

    I apologize for not blogging as much lately…I have been a little under the weather this pregnancy! The good news is we are half way there before we get to meet baby Grayson in March. I have mentioned this before in my Halloween posts but we at the Jolley house do not do a spooky […]

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  • Jolley Baby #2

    We are  so very excited to announce that we are expecting baby #2 at the Jolley house! Nolan is going to be a big brother and although he does not really understand what that means he does realize mommy’s belly is getting bigger. I apologize to all my readers for not posting in so long […]

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